Linux alternatives for Windows/Android programs

Hello, in this post I will highlight a couple of Linux alternatives for Windows/Android programs that more or less do the same thing as the Windows programs.

Microsoft Windows 10 compared against Linux (Xubuntu):

Program Purpose Alternative
Microsoft Office (Word/Exel/Powerpoint/Access)* Word processing / Powerpoints / Exel sheets Libre Office / Open Office (Nowdays called Apache Open Office)
Steam Application used to buy&play PC games Steam
Paint* Simple image editing and creation GIMP
Windows Media Player* View and watch movies, listen to music etc VLC Media Player
Notepad/Wordpad*  Create simple text files Geany / Gedit
Edge* Internet browser Mozilla Firefox
Defrag* Defragment & optimize files on your HDD/SSD Defraggler
Disk Clean-up* Clean & remove un-needed files from your computer CCleaner
Outlook* Email application Mozilla Thunderbird
 Telnet* SSH-client Putty
 Filezilla SFTP/FTP-client Filezilla
 Fraps / OBS Screen recording OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

* Included in Windows 10


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